A dignified approach to moving and handling people: as a pathway to empowerment

What is it?

"A dignified approach to moving and handling people: as a pathway to empowerment" is an essential resource for students and all healthcare professionals, carers and family members working directly or indirectly with people that require support with moving and handling.

It adopts a refreshingly holistic approach and provides practical step-by-step guidance whilst acknowledging the impact of the practitioner’s mindset and behaviour.

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The aim of this book is to increase the dignity, empowerment and safety of people reliant upon the support of others for manual handling whilst reducing the risk of injury to either party.

It is intended as a strength-based resource with a client-centred focus. It touches upon diverse subject areas such as issues relating to people living with dementia and some of the pioneering approaches informed by mindfulness within the fields of health and social care.

Written by Senior Occupational Therapy practitioners with extensive first-hand experience, Empowering Moving and Handling is intended as an invaluable guide for experienced practitioners as well as an introductory resource for those new to the field.

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