Book an assessment, training or consultation

We accept referrals from clients, family members, healthcare professionals, solicitors, case managers and insurance companies.

  • Step 1

    Contact Maria with regards to how may we help with.

  • Step 2

    If we can help you, you'll arrange a suitable time, day & location come to see you.

  • Step 3

    During the initial assessment, a holistic assessment will be completed.

  • Step 4

    After the initial assessment, we will decide together whether we will continue to work together and if continued services are needed, or whether they are not, even directing you to the right person who can help you, if possible.

  • Step 5

    We will make a plan together.

    We will write a report, including recommendations and contacts, which we will send to you and your family if requested.
  • Step 6

    Follow up visits.

    There could be several purposes for a follow up visit, which will be discussed during our first visit. It could be to review mobility, to test a piece of equipment that will aid your independence, to meet family or carer or to discuss future care needs or manual handling techniques.


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