Maximise your independence and safety.

With over 15 years’ experience we combine occupational therapy with mindfulness in order to enable people to achieve their goals.

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To create a healthier and meaningful lifestyle.

Our mission is to coach you to create a healthier and meaningful lifestyle by setting goals, in order to achieve your full potential, restoring balance and fulfilment in the process.

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Our Services


We are specialists in moving and handling patients. Our team assess, advise and support service users, carers and family members. We offer clinical support and workshops online and in situ.

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Moving & Handling people training

Assessments and training to teach the correct client handling techniques for any health professional, formal and informal carers.

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We will involve, inform and empower our service users, carers and their families to take an active role in the management of their illness and adopt recovery principles.

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Home adaptations and equipment

We assist you with minor & major adaptations to your home and provide tailored solutions specific to your needs.

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Coaching mindfulness in Social Care

Mindfulness is a way of living not a technique. Enhanced ability to deal with illness. Mindfulness may not take away the symptoms, but it can help make them more manageable.

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Discover how we work in H&I through this video.

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Our values

Dignity and respect

To ensure dignity in social care it is necessary to promote the self-esteem of each individual, regardless of any difference (physical, cognitive, language, religion). Although "dignity" is difficult to define, it is clear that people know when they have not been treated with dignity and respect.

Client-centred approach

It is about ensuring that the disabled person is at the centre of the decisions related to their life and treatment. At Healthy and Independent we involve our service users by listening to them, thinking together, training them, sharing ideas. We treat each person as an individual, offering a personalized service and working together.


We will involve and inform our patients, their caregivers and family so that they acquire an active role in the treatment of their illness and adopt adequate means of recovery. This empowerment will give strength and confidence to our service users, especially with regard to controlling their lives and claiming their rights. We allow our service users to maintain the maximum level of autonomy, choice and control.

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Articles & Interviews

Once a month we will publish one inspirational story in our blog, so please send us yours. If you know a person, or helper, who inspire you, maybe we can find our inspiration with you.